We provide a wide range of soft skills certificates as well as a selection of tailored programs for corporate sector upon request.
English for corporate sector ( tailored programs )

  1. APC programs ( Presented by Ralph Watson )
  2. Leadership Development
Leadership Academy – three or five-day experiential programme covering a broad range of Leadership topics, including:
  • Understanding when to lead and when to manage
  • Creating your “Leader Brand”
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Solution Focused Leadership
  • Building a high-performance team
  • Understanding the dynamics of different personality types
  • Communication, influence, negotiation
  • Coaching for performance
  • First-touch – analyzing your business from the customer perspective

Negotiate to win – two-day programme introducing the basic principles of negotiating

Coaching for high performance – two-day programme for managers
Creating your Wolf-pack – a one-day seminar on high-performance leadership
The psychology of sales success – a one-day seminar on elite mindset sales
The Emotional Intelligence Leader – a three-day programme on leadership using emotional awareness and management
The Neuroscience of Success – three-day programme on utilizing neuroscience and linguistics in building powerful, high performance teams
Inside the Entrepreneur – A one-day seminar on what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. This programme is a useful introduction to the Entrepreneur Academy
Step Up, Speak Up – a two-day programme on high-power speaking (one of the biggest weaknesses in too many leaders)
The Entrepreneur Academy – A five-day programme that takes participants on a journey of discovery as they develop the mindset and habits of a true entrepreneur. This includes:

  • The EP Mindset
  • Ten habits of the best of the best
  • Creative thinking the Disney way
  • You’ve got an idea – what next
  • Shark Tank thinking
  • Unleash your inner wolf
  • Building a Power Team
  • Planning for massive success
  • Pitch like a winner
  • Plan it, start it, grow it

Soft skills Programs
Each topic can be taught from 3 to 12+ hours according to the activities to be conducted, level and number of trainee
All materials are copyrighted from USA.


  1. Anger management
  2. Administrative support
  3. Appreciative inquiry
  4. Assertiveness and self confidence
  5. Attention management
  6. Body language Basics
  7. Business Ethics
  8. Business Etiquette
  9. Business succession planning
  10. Business writing
  11. Call center training
  12. Change management
  13. Coaching and mentoring
  14. Communication strategies
  15. Conflict resolution
  16. Creative problem solving
  17. Critical thinking
  18. Customer Service
  19. Delivering constructive criticism
  20. Emotional intelligence
  21. Employee motivation
  22. Employee recruitment
  23. Employee onboarding
  24. Facilitation skills
  25. Generation Gaps
  26. HR management
  27. Hiring strategies
  28. Internet Marketing Fundamentals
  29. Interpersonal skills
  30. Knowledge Management
  31. Leadership and influence
  32. Lean process and six sigma
  33. Managing workplace anxiety
  34. Media and public relations
  35. Meeting Management
  36. Middle manager
  37. Negotiation skills
  38. Office politics for managers
  39. Organizational skills
  40. Overcoming sales objections
  41. Performance Management
  42. Personal Productivity
  43. Presentation skills
  44. Project Management
  45. Proposal Writing
  46. Public speaking
  47. Safety in the work place
  48. Sales Fundamentals
  49. Social intelligence
  50. Social Media in the workplace
  51. Stress Management
  52. Supervising others
  53. Talent management
  54. Team work and team building
  55. Time management
  56. Trade show staff training
  57. TOT
  58. Virtual team building and management
  59. Work life balance
  60. Workplace diversity